Friday, 6 May 2011


I was on Facebook and saw a link to - the dress pictured is by Alexander Wang. What do you think? I love it, the draping and color is very chic! I've only just become a fan of Mr Wang's work recently. I totally love this model's look, she is like a little geisha doll....This site has some cool stuff but it's pretty expensive designer gear. The shoes pictured are awesome too. I think Mr Wang is most famous for his coco mini studded handbag, which so many girls seem to own these days. I'm not so crazy about it, it looks a bit like an upside down hedgehog! I suppose it's not really my style and that's probably why I don't dig it that much. Now I'm asking myself, well, what is my style then? I'll come back to that at a later date since I need some time to figure this out...

I was watching Project Runway last night on Arena (Season 8, Ep. 6) where the designers had to take an ugly bridesmaids dress and turn it into something fashionable. I have to say that the judging panel must have been smoking crack when they voted Michael's design the winner. Even though the other designers were being wankers about Michael C, I still agree with them that his design was not the best on the night. Check it out here:
The dress is so ugly I don't even want to post it or it will ruin the beautiful image above.

I entered a competition tonight on to win a bottle of Chanel's latest nail polish, Mimosa.

It's a pretty cool shade and it would look fab with that Wang dress. Hope I win it, i love winning would be even better if I won the lottery I entered at (draw 406). That house is the stuff dreams are made of! Wish me luck puuuhhhhhlease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the spirit of Heidi Klum "Aufedersein"!!!


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