Monday, 2 May 2011

My first blog, my first post and some thoughts for the day

Hey everyone. I'm Monique and welcome to my new blog "Chiwi Doll".
That's me in Paris (2008)

I'm 30 years old and I thought of starting my own blog about 10 years ago but I never got around to it. Yesterday, I became a member of and saw some of the cool blogs created by the other members which were totally inspiring and I thought to myself, well why not?

So the main reason for my blog is to post my thoughts about fashion, beauty and life in general but with an emphasis on style, makeup and all the girly stuff I mull over daily.  I studied law at university and when I think about why I did that instead of a makeup or beauty course, I'm totally puzzled.  I definitely would have been better suited in the beauty or fashion industry.  Anyway, life is too short for regrets and at least this blog will allow me to explore and share with others my love of fashion and beauty products!

Being new to all of this, I'm just going to start with one thing that has been on my mind in the last few days... whether to buy the Clarisonic Plus/Pro from  I reviewed some videos on Youtube and most reviewers said it was well worth buying. The reason for my interest is twofold. First, I hate spending so much time at night removing my makeup and even after wiping continuously, still not getting all the traces of make-up off completely.  Secondly, I've used the Neutrogena Wave for some time now and have found that it's pretty good at minimizing the pores on my nose.  I use it in the mornings only and just on my nose. I have some large pores on my nose and if I don't use the Wave (plus every so often de-clogging with a pore-strip) then I get a build-up and my skin on my nose gets clogged. My foundation also comes out looking all bumpy (if that makes sense?).  Anyway, I think I'm going to purchase the Clarisonic this weekend and can't wait to see if it really works.  I'll also post a review on in due course.

Just as an aside, I went to the gym tonight and did about 40 minutes of cardio including some light weight training.  I love the way exercise makes me feel, it relieves the tension and stress from sitting at a computer all day (look what I'm doing now, even after leaving the office!). I've got to remember to stretch each and every time I train too. 

Well I think that's enough for one night, I need to get some beauty-sleep...I'll be back tomorrow with a new post... this is fun! Zzzz goodnight!


  1. Hi Monique,

    It is Angeli Yuson. Just stopping by your blog, i love beauty and fashion so I enjoy reading your posts!

    Take care and keep in touch

    Angeli x

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